Why Strong Ethics Are Crucial For Business Success


Why strong ethics are crucial for business success

Omar Hosari | - 08/17/2021
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Integrity is everything, in life and in business. Being guided by our moral principles and acting in congruence with them are what demonstrate integrity in a person and in an organization. Business and leadership ethics play a critical role in developing the foundation of every company culture. It’s vital that employees are made acutely aware of the moral and professional standards expected of them. At UAS, we’re committed to maintaining the highest professional standards for our global operations and achieve this under the governance of the UAS Code of Conduct and UAS Anti-Corruption Policy. These codes ensure moral conduct and ethical decision-making in employee behavior and earn the trust and confidence of clients.

Here are some reasons why there is such a link between business ethics and business success.

Driving employee behavior

All companies should have a code of conduct that clearly communicates the kinds of actions and behavior employees are expected to adhere to and the consequences that would result from any departure from this behavior. The code of conduct must be crafted with your organization’s core principles in mind, and the industry in which you operate. It should involve all business functions, from Human Resources and Operations to Sales and Marketing. Once created, it must be read and signed by all new members of staff, and once updated, communicated to all employees. The UAS Code of Conduct ensures that all employees are aware of the standards expected of them from Executive Management; this provides a guide for all professional conduct. And from this solid structure, a strong company culture emerges.

Earning customer trust

Building customer trust and confidence is all about dealing with them honestly and transparently. Customers want to know businesses are moral and compliant, therefore, the highest standard of business ethics is a non-negotiable when it comes to becoming a reliable partner. In addition, business ethics is linked to customer loyalty. For example, over half of U.S. consumers said they no longer buy from companies they perceive to be unethical. Companies that operate under strict guidelines and compliance with these guidelines establish a reputation of respect and credibility, often becoming a leader in their field.

Ensuring operational transparency 

An organization’s actions must reflect a commitment to utmost honesty and transparency in operations, financial and accounting procedures, and compliance to international industry regulations. This is a fundamental prerequisite for any company.  Over our 21 years in business, UAS has developed a strong ethics culture, bolstered by our code of conduct and the UAS Anti-Corruption Policy and I firmly believe this has played a major role in our success.

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