Flight Operations To Sicily – G7 Summit


Flight Operations to Sicily – G7 Summit

Yaman Al Husary | - 05/11/2017
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Flight Operations to Sicily – G7 Summit: The 43rd G7 Summit will take place in Taormina, Sicily from May 26-27. Here’s the operational information you’ll need to plan a trip to the Italian island. 

Catania Airport
  • Elevation: 39 ft. 
  • Magnetic Variation: 2° East
  • Latitude/longitude: 37°28′ 0″ N / 15°3′ 50″ E
  • Runway Length:7989 ft. 
  • Operational hours: 24/7
Operational Information 
  • Permit requirements for private and nonscheduled commercial flights: PPR is required for GA flights (for a/c cat C-D-E slot is required)
  • Slots are required for all non-scheduled commercial flights
  • All operators holding an AOC must have charter traffic rights issued by Italian Civil Aviation Authority every year
  • Fuel Jet A1 is available from 0500 to 2300 local time (0300 – 2100 UTC)
  • Airport Embarkation Tax of 22.35 Euro per passenger and 24.89 Euro per passenger between 1800 to 0600 UTC as extra for airport fees
  • There are no parking restrictions at this time
  • No NOTAMs have been issued at this time
Immigration and Customs 
  • Non-EU passengers and crew will undergo passport control
  • EU passengers and crew will undergo passport control during G7 period (May 10-30)
  • Arrivals customs regulation dictates that a declaration must be made for amounts up to and exceeding 10, 000 Euros in cash
  • Hotel NH Parco Degli Aragonesi (situated close to the airport)
  • Romano Palace Luxury Hotel (situated close to the event)
  • All ground transportation is available in Sicily – buses, car rental, and taxis

For more information or support with your Flight Operations to Sicily, contact dxb@uas.aero