Flight Operations To Frankfurt Germany


Flight Operations to Frankfurt Germany

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European Business Aviation Safety Conference 2016

The European Business Aviation Safety Conference (EBASCON) promotes the awareness and enhancement of safety information and its continuous development in the business aviation industry. The 6th annual EBASCON gets underway from February 23- 24 near Frankfurt/Main and offers attendees practical solutions to help with the implementation of effective safety management systems. Here is the vital operational information required for anyone planning a trip to Frankfurt.


Frankfurt / Main

  • N50 02.0 / E008 34.2
  • Mag Var: 01E
  • Elevation: 364′
  • Fuel: Jet A-1 and Avgas

Additional notes

  • Slot allocation is required and fines can be imposed for non-compliance
  • Overflight and landing permits are not required if operating under the standard airworthiness certificate
  • Night time restrictions are in place
  • There are no parking restrictions


The local currency is the Euro (EUR).

Airport Embarkation Tax

  • No airport tax is levied on passengers upon embarkation at the airport


Non- EU Passengers

  • All other foreigners require a visa for trips to Germany
  • A visa is not required for visits of up to 90 days in an 180‑day period for nationals of those countries for which the European Community has abolished the visa requirement

For more information, see: http://www.auswaertiges-amt.de/EN/EinreiseUndAufenthalt/StaatenlisteVisumpflicht_node.html

EU Passengers

  • EU nationals do not require a visa to enter the Federal Republic of Germany

Non-EU Crew

  • No visa is available upon arrival in Frankfurt
  • Non-EU crew must have a valid Schengen visa to enter Germany

EU Crew

  • A passport and valid crew ID card are required


When traveling between two countries of the European Union:

  • You must declare cash or cash equivalents up to €10,000 to the customs officers

The following monetary instruments are subject to this requirement:

  • Cash and securities (stocks, bonds, checks including traveler’s checks, money orders, bills of exchange, promissory notes, cashable interest coupons)
  • Gems and precious metals

When traveling to or from non-EU countries:

If you are traveling from an EU country to a country outside the EU or vice versa, you must declare cash and cash equivalents of 10,000 Euros or more to the customs service in writing.

When arriving from a non-EU country, you must submit a written declaration at the first customs inspection point (the designated red exit for declarable goods).

When departing for a non-EU country, go to the responsible customs office or ask which customs counters you can submit your written declaration to. This must be done before you pass through the security checkpoint.


Alcohol (for passengers over 17 years of age):

  • 1 liter of spirits containing more than 22% of alcohol by volume
  • or 1 liter of ethyl alcohol containing 80% or more of alcohol by volume
  • or 2 liters of alcohol containing up to 22% volume
  • or a combination of the above plus 4 liters of non-sparkling wine and 16 liters of beer


  • 200 cigarettes
  • or 100 cigarillos
  • or 50 cigars
  • or 250 grams of loose tobacco
  • or a combination of the above

Importing other goods:

  • Up to a total value of 430 Euro is allowed
  • Travelers under the age of 15 may only import goods worth a total of 175 euros

Please see: http://www.iatatravelcentre.com/DE-Germany-customs-currency-airport-tax-regulations-details.htm


Hotels near Frankfurt Airport:

  • Hilton Frankfurt Airport
  • Hilton Garden Inn Airport
  • Sheraton Frankfurt Airport

Ground Transport

Frankfurt has its own long-distance train station connecting to all major German cities by ICE high-speed trains.

Car Rentals are available from the following companies: 

  • Alamo
  • Avis
  • Budget
  • Europcar
  • Hertz
  • Sixt