Flight Operations To Tallinn


Flight Operations to Tallinn

Taimoor Zaib | - 11/25/2019
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Flight Operations to Tallinn: Estonia is party to the Schengen agreement and its capital is Tallinn, situated on the Baltic Sea, a thriving commercial center and a popular tourist destination.

Steeped in history and culture, the city boasts gothic and medieval architecture combined with all the comforts of the modern world.

Here’s what operators should know about flight ops to Estonia’s main business aviation gateway, Tallinn Airport.

Tallinn Airport

  • Elevation: 131 ft / 40 m
  • Coordinates: N59-24.8 / E024-50.0
  • Magnetic variation: 9.06°E (WMM2015v2 magnetic declination) 0.19° annual change
  • Opening hours: 24hrs
  • Fire Cat: 8
  • Location: It is located 5km southeast of downtown Tallinn

Operational Information

  • Permit requirements vary depending on the type of operation, aircraft, operator nationality, etc.
  • Private flights from ICAO member states do not require permission to fly into or out of Estonian airspace
  • All commercial flight operations required prior landing permit approval from Estonian Civil Aviation
  • Slots are not required
  • CIQ is available
  • Aircraft parking is available
  • All jet fuels including Jet A1 are available
  • ATC restrictions should be checked before operating
  • Inflight catering is available on request
  • Ground transfer is available on request

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Since Estonia is party to the Schengen agreement EU nationals do not require a visa to enter Estonia. Full details on visa requirements for Estonia can be found by clicking here


Hotels close to Airport are listed below and transport it is widely available through bus, trams, and taxis

  • ExpandHilton Tallinn Park (15 minutes from the airport)
  • Hotel St Petersbourg (20 minutes from the airport)
  • Hotel Telegraaf (10 minutes from the airport)
  • Palace Hotel (15 minutes from the airport)
  • Radisson Blu Olumpia (15 minutes from the airport)

For support with your Flight Ops to Tallinn, contact UAS