Flying To Denmark


Flying to Denmark

UAS Operations | - 12/03/2020
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The Danish border is open for business passengers of all nationalities and countries of residence.

Although quarantine is not required for an arrivals, they must present the following documents to the Immigration officer:

  • A COVID-19 negative test result (valid for 72hours)
  • A Business Invitation Letter

Entering Denmark

Passengers from Finland, parts of Norway, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Thailand, and Uruguay do not have to present an invitation letter or COVID-19 test on arrival as their countries are deemed safe. They may also enter freely as tourists.

Danish citizens and residents may enter freely without a COVID-19 test but must present their passport or residency card.

Exemptions include:

  • Persons residing or working in Denmark, including self-employed business owners and those performing work in Denmark
  • Spouses, live-in partners, parents, and children of a Danish national or foreign resident
  • Persons entering Denmark to visit a seriously ill or dying family member
  • Persons entering Denmark to continue an ongoing course of treatment administered by Danish Health Authorities

Commercial flights

  • Passengers may arrive via business jet and transfer to commercial aircraft without restrictions
  • Passengers may also arrive on commercial and transfer to business jets without restrictions


  • There are no restrictions for crew – no tests or documents are needed
  • Crew ID is required
  • Crew can also swap and arrive and depart on commercial flights
  • Crew can also take a COVID-19 test if they wish


There are currently no restrictions on departing Copenhagen Airport (EKCH) for either passengers or crew.

Tech stops

  • Copenhagen is open for tech stops and can accommodate COVID testing for use in other countries
  • There are no restrictions on passengers or crew during a fuel stop and no tests, PCR, or documents are needed
  • Crew members may also swap over and enter the border
  • Passengers are not allowed to exit the aircraft

For support with your flight operations to Denmark, contact UAS