G20 Rome Airports And Entry Rules


G20 Rome Airports and Entry Rules

UAS Operations | - 10/18/2021
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Here is some insight to help you choose the best airport for your needs and bring you up to date on the health screening and pandemic safety measures in Italy.

Operational Information

Ciampino (IATA: CIA, ICAO: LIRA) is Rome’s dedicated airport for private flights and there is a military zone to assist in diplomatic flights. Ciampino also has a general aviation terminal. Generally, slots are required for flights with more than 19 seats. However, for G20 diplomatic flights, no slots are required as the flights are authorized by the Italian government.

Fiumicino / Leonardo da Vinci (IATA: FCO, ICAO: LIFR) is open to GA flights at night only from 23.30 LT until 06.00 LT when Ciampino is closed and has a dedicated area of State Ceremonial Procedures and a dedicated exit. Slots are not required.

If Ciampino won’t suffice, Praticadi Mare LIRE is the closest alternative. This airport is also good for medium-wide bodies. Also, Naples LIRN Airport has been made available for the G20 in case of need. In this case the transportation must be facilitated by helicopter with a turnaround time of only 2 hours.

Ciampino International Airport

  • Instrument Approaches: VFR/IFR
  • Customs is available from 0700LT to 2300LT
  • Location: 25 minutes driving time from downtown Rome

The International Airport of Ciampino, is one of the most important locations in Italy for air traffic, due to its close proximity to the city center. The General Aviation Terminal is dedicated to

Executive Aviation operations and is open from 07h00LT to 23h30LT, operations outside of these hours may obtain authorization to land at Rome Fiumicino Airport (h24).

Ciampino commercial area is patronized by Ryanair flights, but it also has a parking area for Government flights where CAI and the Air Force operate from.

Health screening and pandemic safety measures

Please note that it is mandatory to wear a mask at all times in Italian airports.

Arriving passengers must hold an EU Digital Covid Certificate or the equivalent certificate showing proof that they have either:

    • Been fully vaccinated with an EMA authorized vaccine and have completed the prescribed vaccination cycle at least fourteen days prior to their arrival
    • Received a negative result of a molecular or antigenic test carried out in the 48 hours before their arrival
    • Recovered from COVID-19 and are no longer under the prescription of self-isolation

As per UE regulation, EU Digital Covid Certificates must be legally translated into Italian language or English. Click here for more information.

All passengers are required to fill in the Passenger Locator Form in digital format. To do so now, click here.

Due to the sheer volume of elements concerned in G20 operations, operators are advised to start planning their trips as soon as possible to ensure their preferred airport slots, parking, and accommodation options.

The dedicated UAS G20 team of flight dispatchers, Ops experts, and VIP Supervisors on the ground in Rome, both airside and landside, are ready to support and oversee all aspects of planning and execution to ensure our clients’ operations go seamlessly.

 For support with your flight operations to G20 in Rome, contact UAS