How Being Active Increases Productivity


How Being Active Increases Productivity

Omar Hosari | - 08/27/2018
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How Being Active Increases Productivity: Having high personal standards is a firm predictor of success, it’s standards and goals that drives people to develop themselves, work smarter, and attain leadership positions in their careers and in life. It is also true that high achievers understand the importance of investing in all aspects of their lives, from family to career to health and wellbeing. Activity is good for the body and the mind; I practice several sports to profit from both the health and physiological benefits. The result is that I feel fantastic and am more productive in every area of my daily life. Here are some of the benefits my sporting activities bring me.

Heart Health and Vitality

Getting the right amount of cardio is vital to ensure good heart health. Aerobic exercise can be anything that gets your heart pumping so whether you enjoy running, rowing, swimming, or anything else, be sure to take time to invest in your heart health. General fitness also benefits the mind. Cardio is a wonderful stress-reliever because of the feel-good hormones it produces- cortisol and endorphins. Regular aerobic activity makes you fitter, stronger, and more balanced in body and mind.

Mental Endurance and Spirituality

To test and refine my mental endurance, I love to hike. No two hikes are the same, and the challenging terrain is only one component of this powerful activity. Though hiking is extremely physically tough, the real battle is mental. Also, for me, there is a massive spiritual element to it. I adore the outdoors and being in mountains helps me feel connected to nature and maintain gratitude for all I have achieved in life.

Concentration and Strategy

Some activities are great metaphors for business and life in general. For example, snooker, chess, and golf all demand constant concentration and composure under pressure and this is helpful to develop our strategic minds. Tennis is my personal choice as it requires good skill but also the ability to deal with high levels of stress for an unknown period. It is one of the most psychologically demanding of physical activities that requires continuous strategizing in order to beat your opponent. It is the ultimate battle of wills. However, in the end, tennis teaches us that our greatest opponent is our self.

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