Lanseria International Airport FALA
Credit: Petrus Potgieter - Own work, Public Domain,
Credit: Petrus Potgieter - Own work, Public Domain,


Lanseria International Airport FALA

Anton Van Rooyen | - 11/07/2017
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Lanseria International Airport FALA: Lanseria International Airport is situated north of Randburg and Sandton serving Greater Johannesburg, Pretoria, East Rand and surrounding areas. Here’s what you need to know before organizing a mission to Lanseria. 

Cities: Johannesburg / Pretoria Country:  South Africa 
Elevation: 4521 ft / 1378 m  Latitude/longitude: S25-56.4 / E027-55.5 
Time zone: UTC+2 No daylight savings Airport slots: Yes 
AOE: Yes Operating hours: 24 hours 
Fuel type: Avgas and Jet  Airport type: Civil 
Tower frequency: 124 Ground frequency: 121.65
On the Ground

Languages at Lanseria International Airport FALA: English and Afrikaans

Lead time for permit approval: Normally approval takes 72 hours, though approval can be achieved quicker through the right agent

PPR: Not applicable

Types of aircraft handled: Aircraft up to the size of the Boeing 757-30

Number of aircraft handled: 250 per day


Longest runway: 2996 X 45m 

Navaid available: ILS/DME VOR

Fire category: 7 

Terminal capacity: 650 per hour

Equipment availability: Upon request

FBO: Yes

Alternative airports to Lanseria International Airport FALA:

  • International flight: OR Tambo (FAOR)
  • Domestic flights: FAGC, FAWB or FAGM

Important numbers: 

  • Airport Security +27-11-367-0300
  • Fire: 0027-11-367-0300 / 27-11-659-2222
  • Customs: 0800-007-277
  • Airport authority: 0027-11-367-0300
  • AIS: 0027-11-367-0300
  • MET office: +27-82-233-9600
Tourist Information 


Lanseria generally enjoys averages of 18 degrees Celsius in June (mid-winter) to 27.8 degrees in January (mid-summer). Most of the rainfall occurs during the mid-summer months.


  • Lanseria Lion and Safari Park
  • Blair Atholl Golf Estate
  • Croc City Crocodile and Reptile Park

Accommodation: Shumba Valley Lodge: +27-11-790-8000

Transport: Car rental, airport shuttle, and private taxi

Driving time: 30 minutes driving time to Johannesburg or Pretoria

For notifications, updates, and airport alerts visit 

For support planning your mission to Lanseria International Airport FALA, contact UAS Africa