Looking Forward To Growth Again, Albeit Slow


Looking forward to growth again, albeit slow

UAS Operations | - 07/30/2020
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Looking forward to growth again, albeit slow: Civil aviation has been waiting for the world to reopen to begin its recovery. But as well as free movement between countries and continents, recovery also relies on a healthy global economy. The financial forecast is not pleasing… national GDPs are expected to take significant plunges in the coming months and even years. However, some industries have been thriving in recent months, take online shopping for example. Encouragingly, with every country and industry in the world in a similar situation, there is a massive impetus to work together to achieve quick growth. Once the wheels of industry begin to turn to capacity again and productivity begins to climb to pre-COVID levels, full-throttle on the road to recovery will be inevitable.

Navigating the ever-changing travel restrictions and procedures being adopted and refined by different countries has been incredibly challenging for travelers, operators, and flight dispatchers. However, these efforts – along with proper sanitation processes – appear to be paying off. We are now seeing decent recovery already underway in global regions that were deeply impacted by the COVID pandemic. Although some other areas remain meshed in lockdowns with their borders closed, hopefully, it will only be a matter of time before they can rejoin the action and get things moving again.

Another positive is that many people’s confidence in the safety of travel at the moment seems strong. Take Europe, for example, the desire to travel does not seem to be impacted much with countries such as France, Spain, and Greece busy welcoming visitors. Unfortunately for residents of the US, many countries remain closed to them. But we are seeing HNWIs traveling and proving that people love to fly. In the future, we will see more corporate executives and business jet users begin to travel again, and this will be a happy day.

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