Mexico Blanket Permit Requirements  


Mexico blanket permit requirements  

Manuel Estrada Aguilar | - 04/26/2024
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Mexico blanket permit requirements – Mexico CAA has always been consistent with the requirements in place for obtaining a Landing Permit for Part 135 and 121 operations. 

Officially, an operator can obtain only five single landing authorizations in the lifetime of the company and must apply for a blanket permit to operate legitimately. 

This rule is applied at some of the main airports like MMUN, MMCZ, MMGL and MMPR. 

Getting an indefinite blanket permit for Mexico takes some time and is quite an investment, so many operators prefer to continue using single landing authorizations. 

Securing a single landing authorization can take from 2 to 6 hours depending on the airport you are travelling to. 

Once approved, it is verbally granted as no document is issued until the aircraft has landed safely. 

These permits are reviewed on a case-to-case basis. 

Applying for a blanket permit in Mexico is a lengthy process and the lead time is variable with some operators receiving their authorization within 6 to 9 months while it has taken 18 months for others. 

It’s vital that all documentation presented to the CAA is updated, correct, and complies with their list of requirements. 

An issue with one of the documents could potentially delay the process for several months. 

Operators should also note that it is considered cabotage to pick up passengers from Mexico that did not fly into the country.  

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