Nelson Mandela International Airport GVNP


Nelson Mandela International Airport GVNP

Sylvester Esekhaigbe | - 09/18/2018
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Nelson Mandela International Airport GVNP: Also known as Praia International Airport, Nelson Mandela International Airport is located on Santiago Island in Cape Verde, a volcanic archipelago made up of ten islands just off the north-west coast of Africa. Here’s what operators need to know about Cape Verde’s airport. 

Cities: Praia  Country: Cape Verde 
Lead time for permit approval: 48 hours Latitude/longitude: 14°55′27.12″N 23°29′38.04″W
Elevation: 324 ft. AOE:  Yes 
Fuel: Jet A1 Slots: Yes 
PPR:  Yes  Tower frequency: 118.2 
Operating hours: 24/7 Timezone: GMT -1
On the Ground
  • PCN: 049FBXU
  • Length of longest runway: 2100 x 45 meters
  • Type of aircraft handled: BOEING, AIRBUS, ATR
  • Navaid: Available
  • Terminal capacity: 662,356 passengers per year
  • Cargo capacity: 1109T
  • Equipment: Available
  • Alternative airports: GVNC, GVBA, GVSV, GQNO, GOBD
Operational Information 
  • Slots are required
  • Parking is available
  • Crew do not require a visa but must have crew badges, uniforms, and be on the GenDec

Contact numbers

  • Police: 132
  • Fire: 131
  • Airport authority: +238 2633471
  • AIS: +238 2411730


  • Pestana Tropico
  • Hotel Perola
  • Hotel VIP Praia


Average annual temperatures range from 24°C to 30°. The wet season generally hits between August and October. Autumn and spring are dry with little rainfall, so, unless you want to get wet, this is the best time to go to Cape Verde.

Tourist Attractions

To visit the official Nelson Mandela International Airport website, click here 

For support with your flight operations to Cape Verde, contact UAS