New Requirements For Private Operators Entering Mexico


New requirements for private operators entering Mexico

Manuel Estrada Aguilar | - 01/15/2024
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New requirements for private operators entering Mexico: Private operators should be aware of significant changes when organizing trips to Mexico.

The Multiple Entry Permit (annual permit) has been discontinued and replaced with a Single-Entry Authorization, applicable only to Private (Part 91, 91K) trips.

The SEA (Single Entry Authorization) will have 180 calendar-day validity and can be utilized for multiple entries into Mexico.

As per the official statement, two days in advance are required for processing the new landing authorization.

For now, arranging the new authorization on short notice has been possible, however, this cannot be guaranteed going forward so timely requests are key.

The issuance of the authorization depends on each Comandancia at the port of entry that coordinates with headquarters for the approval number to be issued.

There are plans in place to have the central email address monitored on weekends and holidays.

In the meantime, it’s important to note that various AFAC offices at different Mexican airports may interpret and implement the new procedure differently.

Operators should expect ongoing changes and revisions until a consistent understanding is established.

Certain local Comandancias state the mandatory requirement of obtaining a new authorization whenever there is a change in the crew or passengers.

Consequently, the previous SEA would not remain valid for the established 180 days from the date of issuance.

In specific scenarios, short notice requests may require more time than provided which could lead to delays, particularly in cases of urgent missions.

In addition to the standard documentation that has been requested (Aircraft Airworthiness and Registration certificates, Mexican insurance, crew licenses, medical certificates, and the Private letter), there is a new requirement for the Layout of passenger accommodation (seating capacity).

This requirement is covered from scanning a page with the physical layout of the Weight and Balance section from the POH/AFM.

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