Singapore National Day Changi Restrictions


Singapore National Day Changi Restrictions

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Singapore National Day Changi Restrictions: Singapore’s 54th National Day will be celebrated on Friday, August 9. Until then, certain airspace restrictions are in operation at Singapore Changi Airport. Here are the details.

Changi Airport 
  • Coordinates: 1.16°N /°E
  • Elevation: 22’
  • Magnetic variation: 0.26E
  • Fuel types: Jet A1
  • Time zone: GMT +8 
Operational Information
  • All operators of non-scheduled, commercial, and non-commercial flights must obtain slots from the Changi Slot Coordinator prior to operations
  • No landing permits required for private jets,  though notification is recommended
  • Landing permits are needed for non-scheduled commercial charters
  • The maximum parking time is 48 hours

The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) will be participating in the National Day Parade 2019 (NDP19) and will do a flypast in Changi Airport. There have been airspace restrictions to accommodate rehearsals.

A1649/19 NOTAMN

  1. Q) WSJC/QAFXX/IV/BO/E/000/125/0449N10919E999
  2. A) WSJC B) 1905110045 C) 1908101130
  3. E) REF AIP SUP 036/2019 – WEF 11 MAY UNTIL 10 AUG 2019 – RSAF

For support with your flight operations to Changi Airport Singapore, contact UAS