U.S. To Change COVID Entry Requirements


U.S. to change COVID entry requirements

Henry Duke LeDuc | - 01/14/2021
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Anyone planning a trip to the U.S. after January 26 needs to be aware of new COVID-19 entry protocols.

Proof of a negative viral COVID-19 SARS-COV-2 test done no more than 3 days before their flight departs will be required.

Taking effect from January 26 and will continue until December 31, it will apply to all passengers (even US citizens) coming from any foreign country.

It also applies to all airlines and aircraft, including general aviation, with the following exemptions:

  • Aircraft operators transporting passengers with COVID-19 pursuant to CDC authorization and in accordance with CDC guidance
  • Federal law enforcement personnel on official duty
  • Aircraft operators granted waivers by CDC if they determine that a foreign country lacks available SARS-CoV-2 testing capacity

Crew will be exempt if the aircraft operator follows industry-standard protocols for the prevention of COVID-19 as set forth in relevant Safety Alerts for Operators (SAFOs) issued by the FAA.

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