UAS Lands In Asia-Pacific


UAS Lands in Asia-Pacific

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UAS has opened Asia-Pacific regional headquarters in Hong Kong and Beijing Regional office. The offices represent a natural extension of UAS’ global network, connecting Asia-Pacific to the Americas, Africa, and the Middle East.

For more than a decade, UAS has been proactively responding to customer and market needs. When clients needed our five-star service in North and South America, we launched operations in the Western Hemisphere (Americas Headquarters, Houston, TX). When Africa started to open up to business aviation, we recruited and trained supervisors and agents, set-up regional offices, and opened a headquarters in Johannesburg (Africa Headquarters, South Africa). And now we have brought our local service to Asia-Pacific.

With the economies of Asia-Pacific among the strongest in the world, demand for aircraft and business aviation is expected to soar. UAS will be there for it.

Our Asia-Pacific offices will offer the same exceptional service customers have come to expect from UAS wherever they fly. The in-house operations team will be available 24/7, providing services in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese, ensuring clients receive dedicated local attention. Hong Kong’s accessibility, role as a major global business hub, and sophisticated aviation infrastructure make it an ideal location for serving the region and for networking with other global and regional organizations.