UAS Teams Up With University Of San Francisco For Global Immersion Program


UAS teams up with University of San Francisco for Global Immersion Program

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Pictured from left to right: Mr. Mohammed Husary, UAS Co-Founder and Executive President; Mr. Omar Hosari, UAS Co-Founder and CEO; Dr. Mouwafac Sidaoui, Associate Professor and Department Chairman of Business Analytics and Information System at the University of San Francisco; Mr. Mamoun Milli, UAS Co-Founder and Chairman; Mr. Jay Ammar Husary, UAS Senior Director Operations and Sales

UAS Global Immersion Program

UAS International Trip Support, a provider of global trip support services for flight operators, VIPs, and government officials, has been selected to receive and host undergraduate students from the University of San Francisco as part of an “Academic Global Immersion” program. The business tour allows students to gain insights into the legal, economic, operational and cultural dimensions of doing international business.

International business programs are a first-class ticket to success as more global companies seek employees armed with innovative problem-solving skills, resiliency and adaptability to new cultures and business practices. UAS provided an exceptional environment for the University of San Francisco students to benefit from access to world-class operations while also experiencing a culture very different from their own. The students received a firsthand perspective on the region’s operations and business culture, in addition to the opportunities and challenges facing business aviation worldwide.

“We look for companies that have global operations, with executives that are willing to discuss their roots, share their stories and inspire our students,” says Dr. Mouwafac Sidaoui, Associate Professor and Department Chairman of Business Analytics and Information System at the University of San Francisco. “Entrepreneurship is about inspiration. Our students want to connect with success stories. UAS executives shared their personal story and company history, as well as their experiences and challenges.  It’s always a good sign when I ask the students for the last question after an hour QA session, but the students want to continue and have many more questions to ask.  Now that’s what I call a successful session,” he added.

Investing in Future Leaders

In addition to its participation in the Academic Global Immersion program, UAS has also created an internship program to allow high school and college students the opportunity to work in the service provider environment and obtain real-world experience in dispatch, flight operations, and customer service. The company is committed to implementing and supporting programs that contribute to developing future leaders.

“We believe that education is an ideal way for UAS to not only give back to the aviation profession but also to encourage the exchange of ideas between professionals from different backgrounds while helping develop the next generation of leaders,” said Mohammed Husary, UAS Co-Founder and Executive President.

UAS is also the key sponsor for a number of different scholarship programs, including the annual International Operators Conference scholarship, presented in coordination with NBAA and the IOC committee. Each year, one or two applicants who wish to pursue further educational or career development in the business aviation community are presented with funds and support to make that a reality.