UAS Trip Management System TMS


UAS Trip Management System TMS

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UAS is pleased to announce the implementation of its new wave technology:  UAS Trip Management Systems (TMS); an enhanced web-based trip management system.

In accordance with our customer-centric position, UAS continues to invest in technological progress aimed at simplifying and optimizing the customer’s experience. After running a successful BETA program in the last quarter of 2012, UAS has launched the application version of its Trip Management System; UAS TMS®. The application is accessible to all UAS valued customers through multiple platforms and devices. As a web-based application UAS’ TMS ® technology is available online from a PC or MAC, as well as on smart phones through Android, Apple or Blackberry market place.  Clients will receive a unique username and password which will allow them to get real time access to their service request.  With UAS’ TMS ® technology, clients will benefit from features such as:

  • Real Time Tracking and Flight Status
  • Inventory of Past Flights and/or Requests
  • Real Time Status of Requested Permits
  • All Handling & Fuel Confirmations
  • Personalized Credentials
  • Online Brief available for download or email

Our executive management team has put quality and technology at the forefront of annual strategic planning. We have conducted rigorous research into our consumers’ needs & experiences, and the results have led us to the development of TMS amongst other strategic initiatives.

Our research has shown that the majority of our 1400+ clients are technology enthusiasts, device fragmented, and state on-demand access and mobility as key benefits sought. Thus developing an application that allowed our customers to get real time information on any platform, anytime and anywhere, at absolutely no cost, was our way of showing our clients that we are dedicated to creating a positive consumer experience. This was truly a successful collaboration between our customers and our company.