What To Consider When Choosing An FBO 


What to Consider When Choosing an FBO 

Omar Hosari | - 09/08/2022
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Choosing the right FBO to meet your needs is a crucial component of a flawless flight experience. The FBO will be the place where your passengers will relax, get refreshed, and go through Customs and Immigration; where your crew will rest, and your aircraft will fuel up, receive maintenance, and restock, if necessary. It plays a pivotal role in private flight as it means avoiding the crowds, queues, and time-wasting associated with airport terminals.  Here are three things to consider when choosing an FBO.

What services will you need?

Whether your FBO experience will be quick or prolonged, consider what services you will require and to what standard you will require them. For example, will you be dining and resting for a period of time? Will you need exceptional broadband so you can work? Will you be conducting meetings and require a dedicated meeting room? What special amenities do your passengers expect? Do you need the services of an MRO or hangarage? Knowing exactly what you need from your FBO will help you avoid frustrations and negative experiences during your trip.

What’s the pricing like?

Loyalty programs, rebates, and excellent deals and prices for fuel are all great reasons to choose one FBO over another. And value can vary a lot from one FBO to the next. Private pilots are forced to be super competitive so will always seek out the best value when it comes to refueling. Also, if you require uncommon fuels (such as SAF) always make sure the FBO can source them.

How are the crew amenities?

Because pilots and passengers will want their privacy for rest and relaxation, it’s important to ensure decent crew amenities when choosing your FBO. Pilots may wish to get some sleep, clean up, do some work, or simply unwind in peace and require the space and facilities to do so.

Planning in advance will also enable many FBOs to ensure they are prepared to meet your needs, even if special arrangements need to be made! That is the beauty of private flight— an utterly bespoke, unique, and customized experience.

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