Cultivating Skill And Inspiring Pride In Your Brand
Farook Hosari in full equestrian mode
Farook Hosari in full equestrian mode


Cultivating Skill and Inspiring Pride in Your Brand

Omar Hosari | - 10/18/2018
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Executive Insight

Cultivating Skill and Inspiring Pride in Your Brand: Skill cultivation should begin at a young age. Whether we mean cultivating strength and principles as an individual or as an organization, it is something that should start early in the developmental phase. And, if done properly, it will last a lifetime. So, whether in our business or personal lives, nurturing focus, discipline, and mental toughness is crucial to achieve and sustain success from youth to maturity.

This is something I can see clearly with my own children. My sons Farook and Kareem, and my daughter Maria are all passionate about horses and have become committed and accomplished equestrians over the years. And with the recent start of the show jumping competition season, they are all intensifying their training. The competitions are run by the UAE Equestrian and Racing Federation and take place at Sharjah Equestrian and Racing Club.

Farook Hosari

The children display incredible focus and determination and devote a lot of their time to their practice, and this makes me so proud as their father. I know that they are cultivating amazing skills that will stand to them over their entire lives in both professionally and personally. They have developed focus and self-discipline, they have delayed gratification and solidified personal principles, and they have acquired a good amount of mental toughness.

Kareem Hosari

I know that whether they continue with equestrian ambitions or choose another path, and in every aspect of their futures, that they will always have these important life skills to support their efforts. I also can see by their work ethic and dogged determination that they will succeed at whatever they do.

Maria Hosari

It also makes me proud that they have all expressed a wish to wear the UAS logo on their jackets along with the crest of their school – Swiss International Scientific School Dubai (SISD). It showed me that they have a lot of trust and pride in the brand. As hard-working athletes, they can appreciate the level of commitment it takes to set-up a company and expand it globally. They also understand that constant hard work is required to maintain a leading status.

Their sense of purpose and appreciation for how UAS has grown and what it has achieved over the years reminded me of the importance of taking pride in your brand – as an employer and an employee. The level of pride we take in the brand we represent is a true reflection of our own work ethic, commitment, and determination to serve our customers well, and ultimately, succeed. This is how we win trust in our brand and inspiring employees and customers to do the same.