Flight Operations To Frankfurt Airport


Flight Operations to Frankfurt Airport

Yaman Al Husary | - 06/13/2018
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Flight Operations to Frankfurt Airport: The 11th World Bioenergy Congress and Expo takes place in Frankfurt, Germany from July 2-4. Here’s the operational information you need to plan a successful mission to Frankfurt Airport.

Frankfurt Airport 
  • Coordinates: N50-02.0 / E008-34.2
  • Mar variation: 02E
  • Elevation: 364 ft / 111 m
  • Fuel: Jet A1 
  • Timezone: UTC +2
Operational Information 

Overflight and Landing Permits

  • Private flights do not require overflight and landing permits
  • Commercial flights require overflight and landing permits
  • Permits must be obtained from the CAA and take approximately 3–4 working days
  • All aircraft documents are required for landing permit application

Airport Slots 

  • Airport slots are mandatory for arrival and departure
  • The a/p slot window is +/- 10-15 minutes

Night Restrictions

  • No flights at all (except ambulance flights) between 2300-0500 local time
  • Only flights with ICAO Noise Certificate Annex 16, Chapter 4 and a/p slots have to be coordinated at least on the previous day from 2200–2300 and 0500–0600

NOTAMs: There are no significant NOTAMs at this time.


  • Several dedicated FBOs offer excellent services for non-scheduled operators and can handle wide-body aircraft, cargo operations, and military operations
  • There is no airport embarkation tax at EDDF


  • Non-EU passengers: Passport checks need to be done (a visa may be required, depending on nationality)
  • EU passengers: Do not require a visa
  • Crew members: Passport checks need to be done (a visa may be required, depending on nationality)
  • Immigration procedures take place in the general aviation terminal between 0500- 2300 local time and at the main terminal otherwise


  • There are more than 20 hotels situated at the airport
  • The Hilton or Sheraton are linked to the Commercial Terminals and the two train stations

For support with your flight operations to Frankfurt Airport, contact UAS