Flight Ops To The Isle Of Man Airport


Flight Ops to the Isle of Man Airport

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Flight Ops to the Isle of Man Airport: The Isle of Man Aviation Conference takes place in Douglas on Wednesday, June 13. This year is the eighth annual conference with topics like Brexit, finance, tax, regulation, and registration up for discussion. Here’s what you need to know to access the Isle of Man Airport.

Isle of Man Airport
  • Elevation: 52 Feet ASL
  • Coordinates: N54-05.0° W004-37.4°
  • Fuel types: AVGAS and Jet A1 
Operational Information 
  • Private and non-scheduled flights do not require landing permits
  • There are no parking restrictions
  • Currently, there are No NOTAMs
  • Airport operation hours are from 0530UTC until 2130UTC daily
  • Non-EU / EEA Passengers: A visa is required prior to arrival (visa and application is the same as for the United Kingdom)
  • EU / EEA Passengers: These passengers must get a UK visa from their home countries
  • Crew: A full GENDEC must be presented a minimum of 24hrs prior to arrival Immigration services must be fully aware of each arrival in advance
  • Immigration services must be fully aware of each arrival in advance
  • There are restrictions on the movement of amounts of 10,000.00 EUROS or more
  • Any movements in excess of this must be declared to customs
  • Sefton Express Hotel
  • Sefton Hotel
  • Mannin Hotel
  • Claremont Hotel
Ground Transport
  • Bus services are available and operate every 20 minutes serving all towns
  • Rail transport and rental cars are available

For more info on the Isle of Man Aviation Conference, visit the official website here

For support with your Flight Ops to the Isle of Man Airport, contact UAS