Iranian Aviation Growth Spurt Expected


Iranian Aviation Growth Spurt Expected

Niamh McNamara | - 09/17/2015
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The success of a nuclear deal between the Islamic Republic of Iran and a group of world powers could see economic and financial sanctions imposed on the country for over three decades being lifted, leading to the growth of Iranian aviation.

This would create a massive opportunity- both for the government and private sectors of Iran itself and for international companies eager to gain their share of the Iranian market.

Iran’s economy is said to be worth around 400 billion USD with strong growth predicted for 2016.

The country is considered an energy superpower due to its supply of oil and gas reserves, with both accounting for the majority of its exports.

Bolstered by a young, educated population of over 77 million, Iran is bracing itself for a major economic boost.

The Iranian aviation industry has been a major casualty of the Western sanctions imposed on the country.

The national fleet is depleted due to a 1995 US-imposed sanction that restricted Western aviation companies from selling to, and repairing for, Iranian airlines.

An extremely aged national fleet would be good news for international OEMs and maintenance companies whose expertise would be needed to increase its quality and safety.