Sao Paulo Campina Viracopos International and Congonhas Airports


Sao Paulo Campina Viracopos International and Congonhas Airports

Michael Prather | - 11/02/2017
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Sao Paulo Campina Viracopos International and Congonhas Airports: The Brazilian Grand Prix gets underway in São Paulo on November 12. Here is the op’s info to enable you to plan a successful mission to Sao Paulo’s two most accessible BA airports, Campina Viracopos International and Congonhas.

São Paulo Congonhas Airport
  • Latitude/longitude: S 23°37’36” W 46°39’19”
  • Elevation: 802 m
  • Magnetic Variation: 21W
  • Fuel: AVGAS / Jet
  • Time zone: UTC – 3
Operational Information
  • There are no restrictions documented
  • Nearby airports are SBGR and SBKP
  • Slots are required and can be allocated 120 hours in advance
  • PPR is not required
  • Aircraft parking can be accommodated at the other nearby airports (SBGR/SBKP)
  • SBSP is a domestic airport so it’s impossible to operate directly from an international location
  • The standard time conversion is UTC-3 – they are currently in DST, so it is UTC-2
  • The runway is only 6365ft. which means that bigger, long-range business jets may not be able to land here, especially at maximum weight
Campina Viracopos International 
  • Latitude/longitude: S23-00.4/W047-08.1
  • Elevation: 2156ft.
  • Magnetic variation: 20W
  • Fuel: AVGAS / JET
  • Time zone: UTC-3 (DST – UTC-2)
Operational Information
  • This is an international airport
  • Same permit information applies as for SBSP
  • There are no slots or PPR at this airport
  • Parking is first-come, first-served basis and could become congested during the Grand Prix

São Paulo–Guarulhos International Airport (SBGR)

GA parking at SBGR is currently restricted to 2 hours for domestic and 3 hours for international flights. Please note that for aircraft scheduled to stay more than the time allocated, relocation to a private area is mandatory and this will incur extra costs such as parking fees and push back.

For the best advice and support operating to Sao Paulo Campina Viracopos International and Congonhas Airports, contact UAS Americas.