The Power Of Positivity


The Power of Positivity

Omar Hosari | - 03/24/2020
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The Power of Positivity: It is at times of the greatest uncertainty that the power of positivity is the most necessary. This is an uncertain time for all of us, and a time when our personal actions will have repercussions for the entire community. We owe it to ourselves and each other to be responsible and to stay positive. Here’s why positivity is so powerful.

It guides your actions

Positivity is an attitude that dictates the way we live. A positive person and a negative person can go through the same experience and come away with opposite perceptions. So, it’s not really what happens to us that matters, it’s our interpretation of what it means. For example, someone who is training for a marathon could suddenly become injured and therefore unable to participate. A negative person would become bitter, blaming the injury for preventing them from taking part. They may then never run again for fear of the same thing happening. A positive person, on the other hand, would take the lesson that they need to take a break and train more gently and consistently when they recover. With this attitude, they will go on to complete a marathon in the future because they focused on what they could learn from the experience, not what they feared may happen again in the future.

It gives you resilience

The same example also illustrates this. Resilience is necessary for success of any kind. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy therefore we need mental and physical fortitude to achieve our goals. Being positive in good times is not a challenge, maintaining positivity in difficult times is. Resilience is a consequence of prolonged and practiced positivity.

It keeps you optimistic

Optimism is the result of sustained positivity because positivity is not an act, it’s a habit! Cultivating a positive mental attitude takes time and many tests. This reminds me of a famous Henry Ford quote, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” Our minds are powerful beyond what we can imagine. They respond to what we tell them. If we tell them we can do something, they will find a way to make that happen. If we say we can’t do something they won’t bother to try. If you change your attitude, things can become achievable when before they seemed impossible. Remember, our thoughts dictate our words and our actions, so choose your thoughts carefully.

As we navigate these troubled times with COVID-19 outbreak impacting the entire world, be sure to arm yourself with positivity and let these circumstances unite around hope and not fear.