Choosing The Right Jet Fuel Partner


Choosing the Right Jet Fuel Partner

Omar Hosari | - 04/04/2022
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The right fuel partner can make or break an operator as jet fuel consumption represents the largest outgoing for airlines. According to Statista, commercial airlines used 95 billion gallons (431 billion liters) of fuel in 2019. This dropped to 52 billion gallons in 2020 but has been consistently on the rise again ever since the height of the pandemic. Cost efficiency has never been so important, so I’m sharing five questions to ask yourself to make sure you choose the right jet fuel partner to meet your needs.

  1. Can they deliver fuel in challenging locations?

If your operations take you to remote locations, it’s vital to ensure your partner has the capabilities to source for your requirements there. This means having a solid network of trusted local suppliers.

  1. Can they provide the type of fuel you need?

Find out if your future fuel partner can support all fuel types you require such as Jet A, Jet A1, TC-1, AVGAS, and SAF.

  1. Can they guarantee competitive prices?

You don’t want any stress or uncertainty, therefore it’s crucial to ensure your partner can guarantee not only top quality and service but also the most competitive prices. This means not only a great network of professional partners but also great bargaining power and the ability to negotiate better differentials for you.

  1. Can they facilitate credit extensions?

Having to deal with cash payments can disrupt the efficiency of your mission. So, make sure your fuel partner can facilitate credit extensions in locations that demand cash payments.

  1. Can they help you at short notice?

Find out if your fuel partner is available for short notice uplift requests 24 hours a day. This will demand a dedicated fuel team working 24/7 to support you and utilizing direct agreements with suppliers all over the globe.

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